Berkshire War Memorials

READING - St George's Church

The Church is located on St George's Road behind Brock Barracks

It is the Garrison Church for the Barracks and contains a large number of memorials mostly related to the Royal Berkshire Regiment

First Campaign Memorials

The Crimean War Memorial (WM5257)

The Boer War Memorial (WM5258)

The WW1 Memorial (WM5234)

The memorial is located on the wall of the north aisle. Further information can be found at The National Inventory

Second Individual Memorials

Charles Andrews 1889 (WM6026)

Harry Cripps 1908 (WM6027)

James Duberly 1912 (WM6023)

William Hissey 1881 (WM6025)

Henry Michael Lannoy Hunter 1906 (WM6017)

F B R Memphill 1891 (WM6016)

Charles Moore 1911 (WM6022)

Henry F Scott 1901 (WM6024)

John Herbert Smith 1908 (WM6018)

G L L Stewart 1903 (WM6021)

Robert Bruce Swinton 1904 (WM6019)

Harcourt Ernest Taylor 1907 (WM6020)

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