Berkshire War Memorials


The Vale of White Horse District comprises areas of Old Berkshire which were transferred to the jurisdiction of Oxfordshire County Council 1n 1974. It is completely parished. Select the town or village from the list below and click on the name. This will take you to a list of War Memorials in that parish. Names in italics refer to settlements within another parish and clicking on the name will take you to the main civil parish name.

The references are BWM6xxx - page number and SUxxxyyy OS grid reference

Abingdon BWM6001 SU 497097
Abingdon Old Cemetery BWM6099
Appleford BWM6002 SU523937
Appleton BWM6003
Ardington BWM6004 SU432886
Ashbury BWM6005 SU263852
Barcote - see Buckland BWM6010 SU
Baulking BWM6006 SU318907
Beckett - see Shrivenham BWM6052
Belmont - see Wantage
Besselsleigh BWM 6007
Betterton - see Ardington BWM6004
Blewbury BWM 6008 SU531860
Botley - see North Hinksey BWM6048
Bourton BWM 6009 SU231870
Buckland BWM6010
Buscot BWM6011
Caldecott - see Abingdon BWM6001 SU490967
Charlton - see Wantage BWM6062
Charney Basset BWM6012 SU380945
Childrey BWM6013 SU362872
Chilton BWM6014 SU490859
Coleshill BWM6015
Compton Beauchamp BWM6016 SU280970
Cothill - see St Helen Without BWM6055 SU465997
Cumnor BWM6017
Denchworth BWM6018 SU381916
Draycot Moor - see Kingston Bagpuize BWM6036
Drayton BWM6019 SU473941
Drayton St Leonard - see Drayton BWM6019
Dry Sandford - see St Helen Without BWM6055
Duxford - see Hinton Waldrist BWM6034
East Challow BWM6020 SU380881
East Ginge - see West Hendred BWM6066 BWM448866
East Hanney BWM6021 SU419930
East Hendred BWM6022 SU461890
East Lockinge - see Ardington BWM6004 SU426872
Eaton - see Appleton BWM6003
Eaton Hastings BWM6023
Faringdon BWM6024 SU288957
Fawler - see Kingston Lisle BWM6037 SU320881
Fernham BWM6025
Frilford BWM6026
Fyfield BWM6027
Garford BWM6028
Goosey BWM6029 SU359917
Great Coxwell BWM6030
Grove BWM6031 SU400903
Harwell BWM6032 SU493890
Hatford BWM6033 SU339948
Hinton Waldrist BWM6034 SU375992
Idstone - see Ashbury BWM6005
Kennington BWM6035
Kingston Bagpuize BWM6036
Kingston Lisle BWM6037 SU325875
Letcombe Bassett BWM6038
Letcombe Regis BWM6039 SU380867
Little Coxwell BWM6040
Littleworth BWM6041 SU313971
Lockinge - see Ardington BWM6004
Longcot BWM6042 SU275907
Longworth BWM6043 SU392993
Lyford BWM6044 SU392942
Marcham BWM6045
Milton BWM6047 SU485923
Netterton - see Fyfield
New Hinksey - see South Hinksey BWM6053
North Hinksey BWM6048
Odstone - see Ashbury BWM6005
Pusey BWM6049 SU356965
Radcor Bridge - see Littleworth BWM6041
Radley BWM6050
Seacourt - see Wytham BWM6069
Shellingford BWM6051
Shippon - see St Helen Without BWM6055 SU481980
Shrivenham BWM6052 SU236886
South Hinksey BWM6053
Southmoor - see Kingston Bagpuize BWM6036
Sparsholt BWM6054 SU346873
St Helen Without BWM6055 SU482988
Stanford in the Vale BWM6056 SU342933
Steventon BWM6057 SU471920
Sugworth - see Sunningwell BWM6058
Sunningwell BWM6058
Sutton Courtenay BWM6059 SU501940
Tubney - see Fyfield BWM6027
Uffington BWM6060 SU305893
Upton BWM6061 SU513869
Wantage BWM6062 SU400880
Watchfield BWM6063 SU253908
West Challow BWM6064 SU368886
Westcot - see Sparsholt BWM6054
West Ginge - see Ardington BWM6004 SU445868
West Hanney BWM6065 SU404930
West Hendred BWM6066 SU447886
West Lockinge - see Ardington BWM6004 SU424876
Wick - see Fyfield BWM6027
Whatcombe - see Wantage BWM6062
Woolstone BWM6067 SU294878
Wootton BWM6068
Wytham BWM6069

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