Berkshire War Memorials

Vale of White Horse - Childrey

Childrey Monument (WM5091)
located on High St

The Panels

St Mary's Church

Roll of Honour (WM5566)

It bears the name of 20 men who died and 65 men who served in WW1

Window (WM5928)

The window depicting the Old South Berks Hunt also forms a war memorial

Window dedication (WM5956)

This brass plaque also lists the names of those who fell

Rickman Cross (WM5982)

The Cross originally marked his grave after he died a pow in German hands in France. It has been replaced by a standard CWGC memorial in the Fontaine au Pire Communal Cemetery

The story of Major Rickman which is alongside the cross in the lady chapel of the church

Faringdon Advertiser (WM7997)

The section relating to Childrey published in the Faringdon Advertiser of 25/3/1916 listing those serving

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