Berkshire War Memorials


St Peters Church

WW2 memorial (WM5927)
11 names on wooden tablet

Pinsent Memorial WM6317)
A brass plate to Richard Parker Pinsent - d 9/10/1915

Ward Memorial (WM6338)
A brass plate to Charles Sandford Ward died 8/1/1916

Pinsent Memorial (WM6408)
A brass plate to David Hume Pinsent - d 8/5/1918

Shepherd Memorial (WM6337)
to Arthur Gelstone Shepherd d 10/3/1919

Winterbourne Memorial (WM6339)
to George Herbert Winterbourne - d 26/10/1917

St Peters Churchyard

WW1 Monument (WM5412)
8 names on stone cross in churchyard

CWGC Burials (WM4432)
There are two CWGC burials of:-

E Hector died 9/5/1920
Thomas Humphries died 8/4/1919

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