Berkshire War Memorials


Abingdon Monument (WM5001)
located in The Square
A stone monument with 226 names for WW1 and 58 for WW2

Abingdon Borough Roll of Honour (WM7012)
Published in the North Berkshire Herald edition of 30th October 1920 lists every known man from the Abingdon area who served in WW1

St Helen's Church

Tombs Memorial (WM)
The names of two men who died in the 1st Afghan war

Austin Memorial (WM6193)
To Austin d 30/5/1900

Probetts Memorial (WM6395)
To George Probetts, died July 1900

WW1 Memorial (WM5541)
226 names on carved plaque

WW2 Memorial (WM5542)
52 names on wooden plaque

Bailie Memorial (WM6132)
In memory of Bailie d 15/9/1916

St Nicholas Church

Boer War Memorial (WM5937)
2 names on brass plaque

Clarke Memorial (WM6134)
To John Joyce Clarke, died 15/8/1915: Harold Joyce Clarke , died 16/5/1915 and John Michael Joyce Clarke died 30/1/1942

St Michael's Church

Perrin Memorial (WM6136
2 names re WW1

Rutty Memorial (WM6137) To Rutty d 5/1940

Abingdon old Cemetery (WM4017)

located on
The cemetery contains 32 CWGC burials.- click on the heading to see the details

Abingdon RC Cemetery (WM4427)
contains 3 CWGC burial, one from WW1 and two from WW2

Cuthbert Joseph Ellison died 18/2/1919
Vincent Collins died 7/6/1941
Patrick Percy McKee died 11/10/1940

Abingdon Home Guard Memorial (WM7013)
a list of 51 men who served in the Abingdon Home Guard in WW2

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