Berkshire War Memorials


The Parish of Bisham includes two locations for memorials at the churches of Bisham and Stubbings and also a monument at Bisham.

Bisham Village

The monument (WM5554) (WAM142) (N7899) is a stone crucifix at the junction of Marlow Road and Temple Lane. The names are identical with those on the Memorial in All Saints Church

All Saints Church, Bisham

The church is located on Marlow Road, Bisham

The WW1 and 2 Memorial (WM5625) (WAM144) (N7894) has 16 names for WW1 and 7 names for WW2

Paget Memorial (WM6151) is on the wall inside the Church and commemorates two members of the family

Vansittart Memorial (WM6152) (WAM143) (N7895) commemorates George Vansittart d 14/5/1916

Williams Memorial (WM6153) commemorates Owen Williams d 26/10/1893

St James the Less Church, Stubbings

The church is located on Henley Road

The main monument (WM5512) is a stone cross located in front of the Church. There are 16 WW1 names and 10 for WW2

Skrine Memorial (WM6123) The Memorial to Lt Col Skrine - d 16/6/1941 is on a wall inside the church

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Below you will see a table listing the men who appear on the memorial(s). However please note the following

Some men will appear several times either because they appear on two or more memorials, or they have served under two or more numbers or units or because they are recorded under two or more addresses. These categories will multiply up.

Most dates will be written in the international form of YYYYMMDD

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Men whose names appear
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