Berkshire War Memorials


The Parish of Cookham includes Cookham Dean and Cookham Rise and lies to the north of Maidenhead south of a bend in the Thames.


Cookham Monument (WM5268) (WAM151) (N7925)

at junction of High Street and School Lane

The monument is a stone wayside cross with 64 WW1 names and 18 for WW2

Holy Trinity Church, Cookham

Goolden Memorial (WM6166)
to Alexander Goolden - d 15/7/1919

Cookham Bell Ringers (WM5674) (WAM149) (N7929)
A framed photograph with dedication and listing 2 names

Holy Trinity Bells (WM5675) (WAM150) (N7926)
The treble and second bell in the tower eaxh inscribed with a name, one from WW1 and one from WW2

The Stanley Spencer Gallery The Gallery is located at the junction of High St and holds many of the paintings by Stanley Spencer RA which depict scenes from WW1 and WW2

The Gallery

Cookham Dean

Cookham Dean Monument (WM5192) (WAM155) (N7887)

located on Cookham Dean Common, Church Road. The monument is a stone cross with the weathered carved text replaced by metal plates. 41 names for WW1 are recorded and 16 for WW2

The WW1 memorial B-P

The WW2 memorial K-R

see link Cookham Dean War Memorial

St John the Baptist Church Cookham Dean

WW2 Memorial window (WM5193)

The window flanked by Royal British Legion standards

The left hand panel

The right hand panel

Simmons Memorial (WM6165) (WAM154) (N7916)
to Russell Simmons - d 25/9/1915

The Simmons memorial

Snell Memorial (WM6164) (WAM156) (N7917)
Located on the panelling in the sanctuary - a memorial plaque to Francis Saxon-Snell - d 11/7/1916

Cookham Dean Primitive Methodist Church (WM5677) (WAM153) (N9129) The WW1 memorial with 9 names was moved to Cookham Rise Methodist Church after this church closed

Cookham Rise

Cookham Rise Methodist Church (WM5676) (WAM152) (N12846) In Lower Road Cookham Rise. The memorial bearing 9 names was originally in Cookham Dean Primitive Methodist Church. The organ with 7 WW1 dedications came from Queen St Methodist Church in Maidenhead after it closed but the dedication seems to have been lost

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Below you will see a table listing the men who appear on the memorial(s). However please note the following

Some men will appear several times either because they appear on two or more memorials, or they have served under two or more numbers or units or because they are recorded under two or more addresses. These categories will multiply up.

Most dates will be written in the international form of YYYYMMDD

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