Berkshire War Memorials


Datchet lies on the north side of the Thames and was originally part of Buckinghamshire - it transferred to Berkshire in 1997.

For more information visit the Datchet Parish Council website or the Datchet Village Website which contains a history of their war memorials - also try their wikipedia entry

We are grateful to the Datchet Village Website for the photographs and information

Datchet Obelisk (WM5375) (WAM270) (N7936)

Located on The Green it has 54 names for WW1 and 28 for WW2

All Souls Church

Inside the church there is a WW1 Roll of Honour (WM5376) (WAM266) (N56723) with 54 names

and in the churchyard there is a Women's memorial (WM5699) (WAM268) (N56589) in the form of a Celtic Cross

The Women's Memorial

The Widcombe Memorial (WM6294) (WAM269) (N7938)
To Charles Ingleton Widcombe d 6/4/1916

Datchet Cemetery (WM4323) The cemetery has five WW1 graves and five WW2 graves maintained by the CWGC

Wayside Calvary (WM5702) (WAM267) (N56590)

located on London Road - it bears no names

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Below you will see a table listing the men who appear on the memorial(s). However please note the following

Some men will appear several times either because they appear on two or more memorials, or they have served under two or more numbers or units or because they are recorded under two or more addresses. These categories will multiply up.

Most dates will be written in the international form of YYYYMMDD

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Men whose names appear
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