Berkshire War Memorials


The Parish of Hurley includes Knowl Hill

St Mary's Church Hurley (WM5349)(WAM145) (N7930)
SU 826 841

The War Memorial is in the churchyard and records 13 names for WW1 and 3 for WW2

Village Hall, Hurley

A framed parchment (WM5580) bearing the same names as in the churchyard

Old Refectory
Located on High St, Hurley SU 826 841

Set in the outside wall is a memorial (WM6030) (WAM147) (N7921) to Noel Keith died 22/5/1917

There is a second tablet (WM6031) (WAM146) (N7921) to the memory of Justin Morrell KcKenna died 2/10/1917

Ladye Place

Hancock Memorial (5678) (WAM148) (N7920)
Located inside the porch of a private cottage in Hurley SU 826 841
31 names from WW1

St Peter's Church, Knowl Hill

The War Memorial (WM5271)(WAM160) (N7892)
is a framed parchment with 35 names for WW1 and 6 for WW2

In the churchyard opposite is a Monument (WM5592) (WAM161) (N7891)
inscribed with the names of men who served. There are 15 names for the Navy, 180 for the Army, 9 for the Royal Air Force and 38 names of men who died

Star Works
Located to the left of the main entrance to Grundons on Star Lane, Knowl Hill SU 821 794

Warner Memorial(WM5679) (WAM162) (N7888)
In memory of 65 men who worked for Warners at this site who served in WW1

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Below you will see a table listing the men who appear on the memorial(s). However please note the following

Some men will appear several times either because they appear on two or more memorials, or they have served under two or more numbers or units or because they are recorded under two or more addresses. These categories will multiply up.

Most dates will be written in the international form of YYYYMMDD

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Men whose names appear
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