Berkshire War Memorials

Windsor and Maidenhead - Windsor - Holy Trinity Church

The church was designed by Edward Blore (most well known for his work on Buckingham Palace). It houses many memorials including the panels on the gallery which commemorate the lives of the 2,116 Officers and Men of the Grenadier, Coldstream and Scots Guards who gave their lives in the Crimean War (1854-1857). On the panels on the ground floor there are 86 panels of the names of the 742 Officers and Men of the household Brigade who died in the Boer war in South Africa (1899-1902). Two other significant military memorials are to: John Siddall, veterinary surgeon for 53 years, who as the last surviving member of the Household Brigade of Cavalry present at Waterloo 1815; and Col Fredrick Burnaby who was an officer in the Royal Horse Guards and a famous adventurer. The largest memorial is the Guard’s Chapel, built in 1883, dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the 1882 Egyptian Campaign. On poles around the gallery there are Standards and Regimental Colours (flags) of the Royal Horse Guards, Life Guards, Coldstream and Irish Guards. Two of the Coldstream colours were at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Although Holy Trinity is a garrison church it has (above the pulpit) a White Ensign commemorating those who lost their lives at sea especially Lord Louis Mountbatten, Admiral of the Fleet and Honorary Colonel of the Life Guards who made his last ever public appearance on Sunday 22 July 1979 at Holy Trinity before he was killed by an IRA bomb. For the family of Holy Trinity now it is also a reminder of the Royal Navy officers who have more recently given faithful service to the church.

If you would like to visit the church but do not wish to worship with us please do come along just after 10:35am on a Wednesday, or on the 1st Saturday of the month the church is open between 9:30am & 12pm with coffee and bacon butties (and sometimes cake!) served in the Mountbatten Room. We hope to see you soon

Holy Trinity Church has a very large number of memorials. They are arranged roughly in chronological order grouped under campaigns.Click on the main campaign title to see the memorials


Brigade of Guards (WM5529) - names of men who fell on 148 painted panels

EGYPT the NILE and SUDAN 1882-1885

1st Regt Life Guards (WM5520)- names of 15 men who died in 1882

3rd Grenadier Guards (WM5530) - names of 3 men who died in 1882

2nd Life Guards (WM5523)- names of 6 men who died in Egypt and the names of 3 men who died in the Nile Campaign

Royal Horse Guards (WM5526) - the names of 7 men who died 1882-1885

1st Life Guards (WM5521)- names of 5 men who died 1884-5

Weyland Memorial (WM6197) to John Weyland d 25/10/1882

Burnaby Memorial (WM6199) In memory of Frederick Burnaby d 17/1/1885

AFRICAN WARS 1873-1896

Campbell Memorial (WM6196) to Ronald Campbell d 28/3/1879

Williams Memorial (WM6198) to Owen Williams d 26/10/1893

Ferguson Memorial (WM6200) to Victor Ferguson d 8/1/1896

THE BOER WAR 1899-1902

1st Life Guards (WM5522) - names of 19 men who died

2nd Life Guards (WM5524)- names of 22 men who died

Royal Horse Guards (WM5527) - names of 22 men who died

Household Brigade (WM5531) - names of 742 men who died

Peel memorial (WM6201) to R Peel d 16/4/1900

Kensington Memorial (WM6202) to Lord Kensington d 30/4/1900

Fawsset Memorial (WM6203) to R Fawssett d 5/5/1900

Fellowes Memorial (WM6204 to N B Fellowes d 17/11/1901

Marshall Memorial (WM6205) to Henry Marshall d 27/2/1902


Household Cavalry (WM5532)- Names of men who died (with units and numbers) in a leather bound book

Holy Trinity WW1 (WM5638) - 71 names on stone tablet

Dawnay Memorial (WM6206) to Hugh Dawnay d 6/11/1914

Clowes memorial (WM6207) to Henry Clowes d 16/3/1916


Household Cavalry (WM5534) - names of men who died (with units and numbers) in a leather bound book.

CYPRUS 1956-1964

Life Guards (WM5528) - names of 3 men who died

Royal Horse Guards (WM5525) - names of 10 men who died


Hicks Memorial(WM6208) to David Hicks d 18/12/1975

We take a relaxed view on what is and what is not a war memorial as we include memorials to former soldiers who died in retirement and memorials to particular units now disbanded.

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