Berkshire War Memorials


Eton College was founded by Henry VI in 1440 and has educated many of Britain's leaders and statesmen over the years. Many entered the military and gave their lives in the nation's service.

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The list of memorials is divided into groups of men and individuals. Where no location is shown it may be assumed that they are in the Chapel.

Group Memorials

Eton College WW1 (WM5687) (WAM239) (N41461) 1157 names
Grenadier Guards (WM5684) (WAM208) (N41561)) 96 names
Kings Royal Rifle Corps (WM5697) (WAM177) (N41536)) 75 names
Rifle Brigade (WM5680) (WAM203) (N41559) 77 names
MacNaughten's House (WM5690) (WAM256) (N41501) 53 names
MacNaughten's Library (WM5683) (WAM207) (N41563) 62 names
RFC, RNAS and RAF (WM5681) (WAM204) (N41560) 74 names in Lupton's Tower

Individual and Family Memorials

Abbey - Lt N R (WM6236) (WAM201) (N41556)
Bailey - Lt R N M (WM6288) (WAM226) (N41486)
Bailie - Lt Sir G G S (WM6290) (WAM229) (N41493)
Balfour Family - (WM6265) (WAM248) (N41510) 2 names
Barnett - Capt J C L (WM6250) (WAM220) (N41543)
Boscawen Family (WM6243) (WAM213) (N41545) 2 names
Broom - G G (WM6259) (WAM240) (N41478)
Burn - 2/Lt A H R (WM6224) (WAM189) (N41524)
Caldwell - J H (WM6238) (WAM206) (N41564)
Campbell - 2/Lt H B (WM6248) (WAM218) (N41551)
Cattley Family (WM6275) (WAM259) (N41498) 3 names
Chance - Lt G O D P (WM6252) (WAM222) (N41484)
Cholmeley Family (WM6235) (WAM200) (N41557)
Coleridge - 2/Lt F L R (WM6237) (WAM202) (N41555)
Coster-Edwards Capt J F (WM6291) (WAM230)
Crosse - 2/Lt E A W (WM6240) (WAM210)
Cunliffe - Maj Sir F H E (WM6271) (WAM254) (N41509)
Darley - Lt Col J E C (WM6230) (WAM195) (N41542)
Darley - 2/Lt D (WM6278) (WAM262) (N41506)
Dundas - Capt H (WM6266) (WAM249) (N41514)
Dunne - Lt A S (WM6228) (WAM193) (N41527)
Durant Family (WM6277) (WAM261) (N41503) 2 names
Edmonstone - Lt W G (WM6273) (WAM257) (N41500)
Elliott-Cooper Family (WM6223) (WAM188) (N41525)
Fergusson - Lt D H L 6233) (WAM198) (N41544)
Fletcher Family (WM6280) (WAM264) N(41504) 2 names
Fitzgerald - Maj Lord D (WM6254) (WAM224) (N41482)
Follett - Brig Gen G B S MVO, DSO (WM6220) (WAM185) (N41532)
Follett - Brig Gen G B S MVO, DSO (WM6253) (WAM223) (N41483)
Freeman-Thomas - G F (WM6249) (WAM219) (N41550)
Gamble - Lt R B (WM6274) (WAM258) (N41499)
Garth - L/CplH (WM6279) (WAM263) (N41505)
Gatehouse - L R A (WM6247) (WAM217) (N41552)
Godman - 2/Lt W W W (WM6244) (WAM214) (N41521)
Gold - Lt C A (WM6246) (WAM216) (N41549)
Gower - Capt W G G L (WM6288) (WAM226) (N41486)
Grenfell Family (WM6214) (WAM179) (N41533))
Grosvenor - Capt H (WM6269) (WAM252) (N41517)
Gurnsey - Capt Lord (WM6246) (WAM215) (N41548)
Hall - Capt F G (WM6264) (WAM247) (N41511)
Harter - 2/Lt J F C (WM6262) (WAM245) (N41513)
Hoare - Maj R (WM6270) (WAM253) (N41516)
Hollings - Lt J H B (WM6289) (WAM228) (N41494)
Hulse Family (WM6268) (WAM251) (N41519) 2 names
Impey - Lt J E (WM6261) (WAM244) (N41497)
Keele - Capt C A (WM6272) (WAM255) (N41507)
Kenyon - Maj J (WM6227) (WAM192) (N41526)
MacLagan - Lt G S (WM6255) (WAM225) (N41481)
Mewburn - Capt S W R (WM6260) (WAM243) (N41496)
Middleton Family (WM6242) (WAM212) (N41546) 3 names
Monkton Family (WM6276) (WAM260) (N41502) 2 names
Nickalls - Brig Gen N T (WM6256) (WAM233) (N41479)
Nickalls - Lt H Q (WM6293) (WAM232) (N41480)
Noel - Lt T C MC (WM6215) (WAM180) (N) (N41537))
Persse - Lt R A (WM6239) (WAM209) (N41554)
Pitman - Capt A F E (WM6221) (WAM186) (N41538)
Prideaux - Capt G A MC (WM622) (WAM919) (N441530)
Pryor - Lt R S (WM6222) (WAM187) (N41529)
Ridout 2/Lt G A E (WM6292) (WAM231) (N41480)
Roberts Family (WM6234) (WAM199) (N41558)
Robertson - Capt H M (WM6251) (WAM221) (N41518)
Samuel - Lt G G (WM6241) (WAM211) (N41547)
Sandbach - Capt G R (WM6218) (WAM183) (N41541)
Scudamore - J (WM6263) (WAM246) (N41512)
Shepard - Brig Gen G S (WM6281) (WAM265) (N41520)
Simpson - Lt H R D (WM6267) (WAM250) (N41515)
Smith Family (WM6216) (WAM181) (N41534)) 9 names
Tennant Family (WM6217 ) (WAM182 ) (N41539) 3 names
Tilney - Maj L A MC (WM6226) (WAM191) (N41522)
Upjohn - Lt W M (WM6231) (WAM196) (N41528)
Ward - Lt G E F (WM6225 ) (WAM190) (N 41523)
Whitaker - Capt H (WM6219) (WAM184) (N41540)
Whitaker - Sub Lt H J I (WM6287) (WAM178) (N41535)
Wright - 2/Lt E G E (WM6232) (WAM197) (N41531)

Artefacts and fabric (no names)

Eton College Chapel Tapestries (WM5688) (WAM241) (N41467) depicting life of St George
Eton College Side Chapel (WM5698) (WAM227) (N41489)
HMS Iron Duke's Battle Ensign (WM5689) (WAM242) (N41466))
King's Scholars (WM5682) (WAM 205) (N41565) Features within Reading Room

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