Berkshire War Memorials

West Berkshire - BASILDON

The parish of Basildon comprises both Upper Basildon and Lower Basildon

St Barthomew's Church
Located in Lower Basildon SU611793 The church is rarely used nowadays

War Memorial (WM5105) (WB300)
77 names from WW1 on a framed parchment

Graveyard (WM4336)

The grave of L E T Cresswell died 1944 (WB286)

The grave of E Edmonds died 1916 (WB287)

The grave of A G Gore died 1917 (WB288)

The grave of J D Gulliver died 1943 (WB289)

The grave of D M Hartley died 1941 (WB290)

The grave of Stanley Hayter died 1940 (WB291)

The grave of H C Waite died 1946 (WB292)

St Stepen's Church
Located in Upper Basildon SU601760

War Memorial (WM5370) (WB037) (N6105)
The memorial is on the edge of the car park and records 24 names from WW1 and 12 from WW2

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