Berkshire War Memorials

West Berkshire -EAST GARSTON

East Garston Monument
Located at the junction of Rogers Lane and Back Street SU362768

Granite Cross (WM5094) (WB026) (N9066)
Bears 14 names from WW1 and 4 from WW2. It has been researched by the East Garston Local History Society

All Saints Church
located SU361770

War Memorial (WM5420) (WB238)
Bears 16 names from WW1 and 4 from WW2 on a marble tablet

Waldron Memorial (WM6170) (WB237)
A brass plaque commemorating Frederick George Waldron died 1918

Graveyard (WM4325)

The grave of A Lewis died 1919 (WB170)

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