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West Berkshire - LAMBOURN

Lambourn is a large parish on the western fringe of West Berkshire and encompasses the settlements of Eastbury. Upper Lambourn, Woodlands St Mary, Bockhampton, Mile End and Sheepdrove as well as the town of Lambourn.

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St Michael's Church, Lambourn
Located SU 326790

Lambourn Monument (WM5093) (WB012) (N7808)
A stone cross on the churchyard with 35 names from WW1 and 20 from WW2

War Memorial (WM5593) (WB380) (N)
A brass plaque with 35 names from WW1 and 20 from WW2 plus ab addition from 1958

Lambourn Memorial Hall
Located on Oxford St SU 326789

The Memorial Hall (WM5429) (WB509) (N)
The hall is itself a memorial erected 1919 and rebuilt 1970

Berkoff Memorial (WM6097) (WB242) (N)
A brass plaque in memory of Lawrence Berkoff died 1944

St Luke's Church, Upper Lambourn
Located SU 312802

Graveyard (WM4340)

The grave of A R Fisher died 1946 (WB239)

The grave of W P Taylor died 1944 (WB240)

The grave of William Walter Brind died 1943 (WB241)

St Mary's Church, Woodlands St Mary
Located SU 330740

WW1 Memorial (WM5279) (WB217) (N)
8 names with units on a brass plaque

WW2 Memorial (WM5440) (WB218) (N)
2 names on brass plaque

Angier Memorial WW2 (WM6079) (WB219) (N)
Brass plaque in memory of David Angier, died 1945

Angier Memorial Korea (WM6080) (WB220) (N)
brass plaque in memory of Patrick Arthur Angier, died 1951

Graveyard (WM4401)

The grave of Charles Choules died 1918 (WB153)

St James the Greater Church, Eastbury
Located SU 346772

Eastbury Monument (WM5357) (WB011) (N9067)
14 names from WW1 and 2 from WW2 on a stone cross in the churchyard

Muster Roll (WM5356) (WB) (N)
44 names from WW1 and 32 from WW2 on a framed parchment

Graveyard (WM4093)

The grave of H Grimshaw died 1917 (WB)

The grave of Richard Grimshaw died 1918 (WB)

The grave of Frederick James Moss died 1916 (WB)

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