Berkshire War Memorials

West Berkshire - Tidmarsh with Sulham

St Laurence Church, Tidmarsh
Located on the A340 SU 635574

WW1 Memorial (WM5490)
Six names with units on a bronze plaque

Donaldson Memorial (WM6075)

In memory of Norman Donaldson died 10/3/1915

St Laurence Graveyard, Tidmarsh (WM4338)

The war grave of Edward Bushell died 1918 (WB184)

St Nicholas Church, Sulham

located on Nunhide Lane, Sulham SU 640740

Wilder Memorial (WM6124)
To Major John Charles Wilder died

Cooke Memorial (WM6298)(WB200)
To Henry Herbert Cooke died 18/5/1805

St Nicholas Graveyard, Sulham (WM4369)

The family grave noting Brian Hambleton died 14/9/1943 ((WB201)(N55185)

The cremation memorial of Basil Herbert Quelch DFC died 12/10/1995

There is also the grave of Winifred Helen Burtonshaw, a VAD nurse died 23/10/1919 and who was buried with full military honours

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