Berkshire War Memorials


The Parish of Welford includes Easton, Halfpenny, Hoe Benham, Weston and Wickham

To find out more try their Wikipedia entry or their BFHS listing

The West Berkshire War Memorials site gives more details of the memorials

Photographs by Phil Wood

The Welford and Wickham Monument

The monument (WM5436) is a granite cross by the wayside about half way between Welford and Wickham. It bears 22 names for WW1 and one for WW2

The Church of St Gregory, Welford

WW1 Memorial (WM5435)

The memorial is a painted panel with the same 22 names for WW1 as on the monument

Welford Churchyard (WM4239)

Contains one CWGC grave and two family graves

grave of 19084 W Huntley Royal Berks Regt died 28/3/1916

In memory of Wing Commander John Albert Wyatt Lawrence RAF died 2/12/1944 and buried here

In memory of 37296 Albert Perris died 30/1/1917 and buried at the Guards Cemetery Combles

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Below you will see a table listing the men who appear on the memorial(s). However please note the following

Some men will appear several times either because they appear on two or more memorials, or they have served under two or more numbers or units or because they are recorded under two or more addresses. These categories will multiply up.

Most dates will be written in the international form of YYYYMMDD

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Men whose names appear
5436BarrettWilliam Charles202130DCLIWhitemore StSt Austell19180413
5436BarrettWilliam Charles202130DCLIWelford19180413
5436BiggsR M3491AustraliansFive BellsWickham19180901
5436BlackmanGeorge Hugh Willoughby unknownR Scots FWelford19160730
5436BrownGilbert10721R BerksRectory CottWickham19151029
5436ButlerAlbert Edward11761KRRC14New BuildingsFroxfield19150129
5436ButlerJoseph Walter19929R Berks49Easton19170816
5436CanningFrank16305R BerksWeston19170615
5436DeanA E11781KRRCWelford19161015
5436HerbertHarry H16279R BerksThe GreenWeston19151006
4239HuntleyWilliam19084R Berks37Easton19160328
5436HuntleyWilliam19084R Berks37Easton19160328
4239LawrenceJohn Albert Wyatt37709RFCWelford19441202
4239LawrenceJohn Albert Wyatt37709RFCBucklebury19441202
5436MartinFrank2075Berks YeomWelford19150825
5436MartinFrank2075Berks YeomStockcross19150825
5436MartinFrank2075Berks YeomWickham Heath19150825
5436MartinFrank2075Berks YeomBoxford19150825
5436PerrisAlbert37296R BerksHoe Benham19170130
5436PerrisAlbert3127Berks YeomWelford19170130
4239PerrisAlbert3127Berks YeomWelford19170130
5436PerrisAlbert37296R BerksWelford19170130
5436PerrisAlbert3127Berks YeomHoe Benham19170130
5436PikeJohn31500Wiltshires20Wharf RdWroughton19160409
5436PopeCecil John unknownKSLIWelford GdnsWelford19150714
5436ShepherdFrederick Henry7096R WarwicksWelford19180322
5436ShepherdFrederick Henry7096R Warwicks6Somerset PlReading19180322
5436SimmonsWilfred James12670RAMCFir Tree HillWickham19171231
5436SmithFrank W10119R BerksWelford19151008
5436SmithFrank W10119R BerksNewbury19151008
5436StanfordWilliam Frank179599RASCWickham Heath19410930
5436ThorneFrank29300R BerksHoe Benham19180915
5436ThorneFrank67395DevonsHoe Benham19180915
5436TuckerPhilip Thomas137887MGCHoe Benham19190414
5436WellsFrank Harry6581R BerksOld Inn CottageChurch HillWickham19141114
5436WillisAlfred William32836R BerksWelford19170731
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