Berkshire War Memorials

West Berkshire - WOOLHAMPTON

St Peter's Church
Located SU 577676

Monument (WM5410) (WB373) (N9118)
Stone cross in the churchyard with 15 names with units from WW1 and 4 from WW2

WW1 Memorial (WM5848) (WB374) (N)
16 names with units on a framed parchment

WW2 Memorial (WM5849) (WB375) (N)
4 names with units on framed parchment

Gurowski Memorial(WM6305) (WB) (N)
3 names from WW2 on a stone tablet in memory of men from the Gurowski family

Graveyard (WM4406)

The grave of Richard Dudley Melchior Gurowski died 1940 (WB376)

The grave of G Humphries died 1943 (WB377)

Douai Abbey and School
Located SU578681

School Memorial (WM5476) (WB371) (N41437)
A stained glass window inside the Abbey with a framed parchment listing the names of old boys from Douai School who died in two world wars

WW1 Memorial (WM5850) (WB) (N41436)
A board in the cricket pavilion listing names from WW1

WW2 Memorial (WM5851) (WB) (N41434)
A board recording 51 names from WW2 located in the central hall of the former school

Unknown site
Located SU 570660

WW1 Memorial (WM5852) (WB) (N18235)
This memorial is listed in the National Inventory but no other details are known

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