Berkshire War Memorials

WEST BERKSHIRE - Newbury - Newtown Road Cemetery

is located at SU

For further details see the West Berks Memorials site by clicking on the WB references

We treat this as two cemeteries:-

Military cemetery (WM4370)

This was used for burials in WW1. There are 20 CWGC burials and 9 memorials on family graves:-

CWGC Buirials

F Beckwith (WB322)
Philip Edgar Davies (WB319)
Alexander Herbert Dawes (WB319)
J H Digweed (WB321)
H Freeman (WB319)
Alfred Griffiths (WB319)
W Jackson (WB319)
F E G Pearce (WB319)
Edward Pellew Plenty (WB319)
Cecil Francis Quarterman (WB319)
R E J Raynor (WB319)
Percy Richardson (WB319)
Edward George Savage (WB319)
P Webb (WB319)
Thomas Arthur Maccabee (WB319)
John Alexander Burton (WB319)
Alfred Charles Jessett (WB324)
Arthur William Pryke (WB319)
Stanley Clifford Rawlings (WB319)
Arthur George Crane d 23/1/1941 (WB323)

Memorials on family graves

Charles Hood Freeman d 21/4/1901 (WB319)
Algernon Freeman d 21/8/1915 (WB319)
H Withers d May 1940 (WB320)
John Oakshott Nash d 26/9/1916 (WB328)
Hedley Saunders Griffin d 31/8/1917 (WB332)
W G Freemantle d 1915 (WB341)
Thomas Clement Skurray d 27/8/1915 (WB347)
Albert Rogers d 19/5/1900 (WB397)

Civilian Old Cemetery (WM4012

This was used to bury civilians killed in the bombing raid of 10/2/1943 and some later men with military connections:-

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