Berkshire War Memorials

Wokingham - Earley

St Peter's Church
The church has four war memorials:-

Boer War (WM5585)
five names with units on a bronze plaque

ww1 (WM5076)
113 names on a marble tablet

Dunlop Memorial (WM6169)
Private Memorial to Brian John Dunlop (died 31/7/1917)

24 names on a wooden tablet

Earley C of E School(WM5327)
37 names for WW1

St Peter's Churchyard(WM4001)
There are ten WW1 and WW2 burials in the churchyard and a monument

The Monument WM7060

The Graves

Edward Broad died 5/6/1918

Norman George Maurice Dann died 7/1/1942

Hugh Patterson Dymore-Brown died 21/2/1919

E Fulford died 18/12/1915

Reginald Charles Earl Gatehouse died 23/4/1918

Percival Frederick Hood died 25/9/1915

Kenneth Charles Robert Maskell died 29/1/1943

Edwin Charles Monger died 30/4/1942

R B Morton died 10/2/1919

Henry James Stevens died 6/9/1916

Mays Lane Cemetery (WM4412)
there are 6 WW2 burials in the civic cemetery

Alfred Henry John Belson died 24/3/1942
Herbert Frederick East died 26/9/1941
John Walter Olney died 25/1/1940
Donald Henry Owen died 19/9/1943
Gordon Ernest Westall died 21/10/1940
Ronald Worsfold died 18/11/1943

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