Berkshire War Memorials

Wokingham - Wokingham Without

The parish of Wokingham was split in 1894 and the south east area was joined with parts of of Crowthorne and Easthamstead Parishes to form Wokingham Without. To learn more about the parish visit the Parish Council website or see the Wikipedia entry

St Sebastian's Church

WW2 Memorial (WM5911)
20 names on a framed parchment

St Sebastian's Churchyard (WM4016)
there are 34 CWGC graves 29 from WW1 and 5 from WW2

J A Allison died 17/3/1915
Arthur Frederick Annetts died 17/11/1915
G W Bessig died 1/7/1916
Thomas Billingsley died 27/11/1915
Wilfred Bingham died 27/7/1916
The Rev Vincent Coke Boddington died 13/3/1917
Harry Freeman Burrows died 22/9/1915
Herbert Carter died 25/5/1944
C C Cole died 24/10/1915
William James Conron died 3/6/1917
John Curley died 3/1/1917
Robert Bennet de Mont died 5/2/1917
Vernon Jesse Fleet died 10/9/1918
Christopher Flynn died 30/6/1943
T Gillan died 14/3/1917
Godfrey Levinge Gregory died 5/1/1916
Ernest Edward Haines died 11/2/1917
S G D Harvey died 23/6/1915
Harry Johnston died 19/10/1918
A Killeen died 9/7/1917
Robert Graham Leigh died 6/2/1918
Andrew J Leitch died 11/2/1919
D D McPherson died 11/2/1918
Alfred Olley died 1/7/1919
Alfred Charles Parker died 11/5/1916
A Puddephett died 4/4/1915
Cedric Wallis Noble Richardson died 20/3/1940
Ernest John Rockwell died 31/1/1917
P Rutledge died 12/9/1916
Arthur Francis Trotter died 27/4/1919
Edwin Charles Tyrrell died 27/5/1916
Puaka Whitau died 10/10/1915
Arthur Dunbar Wigram died 30/4/1919
Clive Desmond Young died 16/10/1944

Memorial Hall

St Sebastian's Memorial Hall is located on Nine Mile Ride

WW1 Memorial (WM5409)
33 names in a stained glass window

WW2 Memorial (WM5910)
23 names in a stained glass window

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