Berkshire War Memorials


Location SU 836 618

You may care to see its Wikipedia entry, or the Town Council site

The parish includes Little Sandhurst and Owlsmoor

Sandhurst War Memorial (WM7047)

Located outside the Council Office

St Michael's Church, Sandhurst

War Memorial (WM5130)
A brass plaque with 69 names for WW1 and 38 for WW2

St Michael's Churchyard(WM4390)
There are 7 CWGC Burials

Robert Samuel Cashmore, 13/4/1941
Alexander Robert Fowler, died 17/7/1944
Josephine Cynthia Mary James, died 15/11/1946
Sidney Herbert Rance, died 7/1/1944

Arthur Hodge, died 8/2/1915
A Muggeridge, died 8/2/1915
Ernest Seymour Nash, died 4/1/1919

St George's Church, Owlsmoor

War Memorial (WM)

Eagle House School

Roll of Honour (WM7048)

Book of Remembrance (WM7051)

Sandhurst Baptist Church
Nothing known about war memorials

Weslyan Methodist Church
Nothing known about war memorials

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Nothing known about war memorials

Royal Military Academy

RMA Roll of Honour (WM7045)

RMA Cemetery (WM4196)
There are 15 CWGC burials

A G H Toogood died 20/6/1921
Walter Kitchener Eden, died 20/6/1947
Brian Martin Eames Gimson, died 8/12/1943
Frederick Evelyn Greenfield, died 26/4/1943
John Morrow, died 29/1/1941
Michael Keith Spencer, died11/9/1939
Thomas Whitecroft Nutter, died 29/1/1941
George Nesbit Owen, died 29/1/1941
Gordon William Robertson, died 14/10/1943
Richard John Swain, died 8/12/1943
Frank William Vogel, died 13/11/1942
Reginald John Owen Wood, died 27/1/1943
Herbert Stewart Yeoman, died 6/1/1941

G T Atkins, died 4/12/1918
P P Gregory, died 26/9/1915

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