Berkshire War Memorials

OVER THE BORDER - Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire is one of our bordering counties albeit a very short border.

You can find more details of War Memorials in Gloucestershire by visiting Gloucestershire Genealogy

The following places have graves or memorials for Royal Berkshiremen:-

Almondsbury - St Mary cemetery (WM4262)
Almondsbury War Memorial (WM5390)
Alveston War Memorial (WM5382)
Aust Cemetery (WM4021)
Aust and Olveston War mMmorial (WM5146)
Bledington War Memorial (WM5176)
Bristol - Arnos Vale Cemetery (WM4040)
Bristol - Avonview Cemetery (WM4041)
Bristol - Ridgeway Park (WM4042)
Bristol - Greenbank cemetery (WM4269)
Broadwell War Memorial (WM5389)
Chalford War Memorial (WM5849)
Charlton Kings War Memorial (WM5065)
Cheltenham War Memorial (WM5063)
Cheltenham Salem Baptist Church (WM5064)
Cheltenham St Lukes War Memorial (WM5066)
Cheltenham St Peters War memorial (WM5067)
Cheltenham St Mary's War memorial (WM5068)
Cheltenham St Pauls War Memorial (WM5069)
Chipping Camden War Memorial (WM5087)
Cromhall WAr Memorial (WM5380)
Didbrook War Memorial (WM5177)
Driffield Cemetery (WM4360)
Driffield & Harnhill War Memorial (WM5385)
Falfield War Memorial (WM5175)
Frampton Cotterell War Memorial (WM5178)
Gloucester - old cemetery (WM4266)
Hethe War Memorial (WM5384)
Lechlade (St Lawrence) War Memorial (WM5305)
Newnham on Severn War Memorial (WM5387)
Sandhurst St Michael ww2 Memorial (WM5179)
South Cerney - All Hallows Cemetery (WM4385)
Swindon Village War memorial (WM5070)
Woodchester War Memorial (WM5381)
Wyk Rissington War Memorial (WM5173)

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