Berkshire War Memorials


Eton is on the north bank of the Thames directly opposite Windsor. It was formerly part of Buckinghamshire and transferred to Berkshire in 1997. It includes Eton Wick.

It is most famous for Eton College and as the College hosts a very large number of War Memorials it has been treated as a separate parish CLICK HERE

St John the Evangelist Church
Located on High Street Eton SU 960 770

The Lych Gate Memorial (WM5686) (WAM238) (N7955)
consists of 2 panels on the gateposts of the Lych Gate with 91 names from WW1

The WW1 Memorial (WM5197) (WAM234) (N7954)
A board by the Lady Chapel with 91 names

The Marshall Memorial (WM6257) (WAM235) (N7953)
In memory of T R Marshall died 25/9/1915

The Oldham Memorial (WM6258) (WAM236) (N7951)
In memory of Wilfred Ildham died 28/4/1915

Eton Town Hall
Located on High St, Eton SU 960 770

Volunteer Fire Brigade (WM5675) (WAM237) (N7950)
16 names on a marble plaque

St John the Baptist Church, Eton Wick
located on Eton Wick Road, Wton Wick SU 940 780

Greek Cross (WM5696) (WAM176) (N7948)
A Greek Cross with 34 names for WW1 and 12 for WW2

Roll of Honour(WM5198) (WAM175) (N7954)
Records 32 names for WW1 and 12 for WW2

Payne Memorial(WM6286) (WAM174) (N7946)
In memory of Walter Payne died 12/3/1915

Eton Excelsior Rowing Club

War Memorial (WM5972)

A tablet with 9 names for WW1 and 8 for WW2

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