Berkshire War Memorials

West Berkshire - GREAT SHEFFORD

The civil parish of Great Shefford comprises two settlements, Great Shefford and Shefford Woodlands. Another settlement closely associated is Woodlands St Mary, but that lies in the civil parish of Lambourne.

St Stephen's Church, Shefford Woodlands
Located SU 333750

WW1 memorial (WM5341) (WB080) (N)
11 names in window and wall

Carved Pew (WM5446) (WB081) (N)
A pew carved with the names of 10 men from WW2

St Mary's Church, Great Shefford
Located SU 380754

Monument (WM5095) (WB018) (N7781)
22 names from WW1 and 5 from WW2 on a stone crucifix in the churchyard

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