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West Berkshire - PANGBOURNE

Pangbourne lies on the south bank of the river Thames west of Reading. Se its Wikipedia entry

Also the Parish Council entry

There are three sites in Pangbourne. Below we list the memorials but to see details and photographs click on the main headings

St James the Less Church (BWM4142)
located at SU634764

WW1 Memorial (WM5015) (WB042) (N9085)
An oval brass panel next to the main door on the south wall

Roll of Honour (WM5017) (WB044) (N55174)
A framed parchment bearing 40 names from WW1 and 14 from WW2 located on the north wall

East Window (WM5500) (WB043) (N41431)
In memory of George Carlyon Armstrong died 1915. A panel from this window appeared on the 1992 Royal Mail Christmas 18p stamp

Hillcoat Window (WM6041) (WB045) (N41600)
In memory of Harry Bryan Lillie Hillcoat died 1940
Taylor Memorial(WM5501) (WB097) (N41599)
A brass plaque in memory of Vernon Howard Taylor died 1916

St James' Churchyard (WM4309)

Pangbourne War Memorial (WM5016) (WB041) (N9084)
A stone cross in the churchyard facing Pangbourne Hill. Bears the names of 34 from WW1 and 14 from WW2

Aldworth family grave (WB098)
in memory of Ernest Aldworth died 1917

The grave of Thomas Arthur Allen (WB054)
died 1943

The grave of H Clarke (WB053)
died 1915

The grave of John Sparrowhawk (WB052)
died 1941

Taylor family grave (WB049)
In memory of Vernon Howard Taylor died 1916

The grave of J Terry (WB051)
died 1943

The grave of Charles West (WB050)
died 1916

West family grave (WB099)
In memory of Edward West died 1916

Pangbourne College
Located SU 618755

Falklands Islands Memorial Chapel (WM5445) (WB202) (N12815)
Built in 2000 to commemorate the men who fought to regain the Falkland Islands in 1982

Falklands Memorial Wall (WM) (WB202) (N12815)
In the entrance to the chapel. Records names.

Falklands Memorial Garden (WM) (WB507) Just outside the front door of the chapel, contains a pile of stones gathered by wellwishers and a plaque commemorating the men of CS Iris

Falklands SAS Memorial (WM) (WB506)
A stone plaque within the memorial garden commemorating the men of the Special Air Service who died.

Book of Remembrance no. 1 (WM5497) (WB204) (N)

Book of Remembrance no. 2 (WM5470) (WB205) (N)

College WW2 Memorial(WM5460) (WB203) (N41433)
The stained glass west window of the chapel with a bronze plaque which formerly resided in the St Nicholas chapel of the college.

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