Berkshire War Memorials


This section will enable you to trace memorials in counties other than Berkshire where men from either the Royal Berkshire Regiment or the Berkshire Yeomanry have either been commemorated or buried. We include the possibility of any county in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
Note that we always use pre-1974 definitions

Bordering Counties

Buckinghamshire (BWM9100)
Gloucestershire (BWM9200)
Hampshire (BWM9300)
Oxfordshire (BWM9400)
Surrey (BWM9500)
Wiltshire (BWM9600)


Birmingham (BWM9916)
London (BWM9910)

Other English Counties

Bedfordshire (BWM9952)
Cambridgeshire (BWM9939)
Cheshire (BWM9927)
Cornwall (BWM9903)
Derbyshire (BWM9924)
Devon (BWM9901)
Dorset (BWM9902)
Durham (BWM9929)
Essex (BWM9912)
Herefordshire (BWM9907)
Hertfordshire (BWM9913)
Huntingdonshire (BWM9934)
Kent (BWM9909)
Lancashire (BWM9928)
Leicestershire (BWM9914)
Lincolnshire (BWM9920)
Middlesex (BWM9911)
Norfolk (BWM9921)
Northamptonshire (BWM9944)
Northumberland (BWM9930)
Nottinghamshire (BWM9925)
Shropshire (BWM9926)
Somerset (BWM9904)
Staffordshire (BWM9915)
Suffolk (BWM9927)
Sussex (BWM9908)
Warwickshire (BWM9906)
Westmorland (BWM 9942)
Worcestershire (BWM9905)
Yorkshire (BWM9923)

Welsh Counties

Cardiganshire (BWM9942)
Carmarthenshire (BWM9943
Caernarfonshire (BWM9932)
Glamorgan (BWM9919)
Monmouthshire (BWM9918)

Scottish Counties

Angus (BWM9951)
Dumfries (BWM9954)
Lanark (BWM9955)
Lothian (BWM9950

Irish Counties

Cork (BWM9935)
Down (BWM9937)
Dublin (BWM9936)
Kildare (BWM9933)
Londonderry (BWM9953)
Mayo (BWM9956)
Tipperary (BWM9957)
Wicklow (BWM9931)

The Islands

Alderney (BWM9945)
Guernsey (BWM9946)
Isle of Man (BWM9947)
Isle of Wight (BWM9917)
Jersey (BWM9948)
Scillies (BWM9948)

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