Berkshire War Memorials

Reading - Military Campaigns

The vast majority of war memorials relate to the First and Second World Wars. However Reading possesses many memorials to men who died in other conflicts:-

Civil War (1640-49

Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815)

Braag (Minster) (WM6028)

Crimean War (1850-56)

49th Regiment (St Georges) (WM5257)

Indian wars (1845-1860)

General G L L Stewart (St Georges) (WM6021)

Second Afghan War (1879-1881)

66th Regiment - Maiwand Lion (Forbury) (WM5160)
Maiwand Window (Minster) (WM5463)

African Wars

Nile Campaigns (1882-1898)

Nile (Minster) (WM5232)
Sudan (Minster) (WM5233)
Andrews Minster (WM6026)
James Duberley(/b> (St Georges) (WM6023)
Charles Moore (St Georges) (WM6022)

Boer War

Berkshire Volunteers (Minster) (WM5216)
2nd Royal Berks (St Georges) (WM5258)
Baker (St Georges) (WM6104)
Cripps (St Georges) (WM6023)
Scott (St Georges (WM6024)

Spanish Civil War (1936-1938)

Reading Volunteers (Forbury) (WM5493)

Korean War

United Nations (Minster) (WM5480)

Northern Ireland

Gulf Wars

The Rifles (Brock) (WM5855)


Henley Rd CWGC Cemetery (WM4378)
The Rifles (Brock) (WM5855)

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